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As tour came to a close, it was time for the hardest task of the year: saying goodbye to our beloved leavers. They leave behind a legacy of beautiful voices, awe-inspiring leadership, and the best vibes you could possibly ask for, and we can't wait to see what incredible paths they take next. Let's meet our 2021-22 leavers!


Anna Lyons (Vice President 2021-22)

Degree: Maths

Joined: 2020

Favorite madrigal: All Creatures Now

Favorite MadGroup memory: The word "memory" is a stretch, but the six pint challenge - and the morning after, lounging about and playing croquet and eating pastries for breakfast.

Harriet Tyler

Degree: Philosophy and Theology

Joined: 2021

Favorite madrigal: Come, Sable Night

Favorite MadGroup memory: 6 pint challenge night and the next day at Peters house. Really superb vibes and better company and CROQUET and his mom's COOKING. Immaculate.

Harry Street (Treasurer 2019-21, President 2021-22)

Degree: Economics

Joined: 2018

Favorite madrigal: Fair is the Rose

Favorite MadGroup memory: I would say that one of the best, most memorable experiences was recording our CD in February this year. It was such a productive and enjoyable session, and I was so incredibly proud of the commitment and dedication everyone made to making the music as good as possible.

Isaac Bateman

Degree: IR and Philosophy

Joined: 2020

Favorite madrigal: Lay a Garland

Favorite MadGroup memory: The 2022 Anniversary Ball is up there, I can’t wait to come back for another! Of course, summer tour was also amazing and the perfect way to round off my four years at St Andrews. Good luck next year, I really look forward to hearing (and hopefully seeing) what you all get up to!

Rebekah Loughran (Tour Manager 2020-22)

Degree: Neuroscience

Joined: 2019

Favorite madrigal: Lay a Garland

Favorite MadGroup memory: The final night the 2021/22 group were all together ❤️ and being presented with a photo album of all the best bits - or initiations!


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