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  • Victoria Lee

Welcome to the new Madrigalian!

2021-22 was a big year for MadGroup. Faced with the hefty challenge of transitioning back to in-person after two years of remote choir, it was unclear how MadGroup would make its return. But thanks to the work of our incredible committee - Harry, Will, Anna, Rebekah, Ed, and Iona - we not only smoothly returned to in-person singing, but enjoyed so many new experiences (which you'll hear all about in Ed's President's Report) that helped us grow in ways we never would've expected. It was my first year in MadGroup, but I could already tell that we were heading in an exciting direction. We can't thank everyone enough for their hard work!

This year, we want to keep that momentum going while holding on to our roots. So, this edition of The Madrigalian will cover all of 2021-22 before we return to our regularly scheduled bi-yearly programming. In this issue, you'll find silly stories from socials, reflections on 2021-22's new MadGroup events (and music as a whole...), a tricky crossword puzzle, and a farewell to our beloved leavers.

If you're a regular recipient of The Madrigalian, you may have noticed that it looks a little different this year. Over the course of last year, we made and rekindled so many connections with old friends and alumni (that's you!), so we've decided to shift to an online platform to make MadGroup as accessible as we can be, with modern added features like videos and links to enhance your experience.

But fear not! The spirit of The Madrigalian hasn't changed a bit. We hope that you'll love the new platform, but we welcome any questions, concerns, or thoughts you'd like to share with us - please feel free to email, or contact any of our social media channels. In the meantime, I am so thrilled to share with you the work of my brilliant, hilarious, talented friends in this 6th issue of The Madrigalian!

Mad love,



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