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  • Laurie Goggin

Freshers' Initiations: Mission Confusing Yet Possible

My first MadGroup social was glorious chaos. All freshers were sent instructions in advance. The instructions were as simple as they were enigmatic: wear black tie and bring a drink beginning with the first letter of your first name. Lateness would be punished. I’m pretty sure we had to stand outside in some kind of height order as well. Additionally, sunglasses. I had clear instructions but had no idea what was going on. This became the dominant vibe of the evening.

It began as a simple black tie meal with water guns. Rules were stringent. Instructions included not phrasing anything as a question and addressing everyone by their Agent name only. The penalties for breaking the rules involved (after consenting to the whole caboodle) being water-gunned in the face. It was this part of the evening which gave me the first real clue about the kind of group I was joining.

People checked before they executed penalties and alcohol was not the main feature of the social. I could see that the older members were making sure that everyone felt included and considered. There was no pressure to participate in anything if you didn’t want to. But I digress. The evening moved on apace. During the delicious dinner, our musical director was tragically kidnapped! A hunt ensued.

Will was glimpsed being bundled into a car so we formed groups and set off in hot pursuit. We were by now taped together. I forget why but there are always good reasons for these things. The next couple of hours are a bit of a blur. There was spontaneous a cappella singing in the streets. There were clues. Will was found ‘tied to a chair’ in his flat asking for some red wine. He seemed to have come to terms with his kidnapping when we arrived and was drinking his wine and chatting in no time.

The whole evening was both an enjoyable and confusing experience.


Laurie Goggin is a second year bass whose jumper game cannot be beat.


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