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  • Harriet Tyler

A List, in No Particular Order, of the Times Since Tour I Have Worn My Matching Paula Coat

And Some Lovely Compliments I Have Also Received on Said Coat

1. To breakfast

2. To lunch

3. To dinner

4. “That is the best jacket I have ever seen. Hands down.”

5. To the bank

6. To breakfast hungover

7. When I am sad

8. Also happy

9. “It looks so comfortable.” (It is)

10. To drinks

11. To Target

12. When I am cold. This is a given.

13. As a cover up

13.IAs a blanket.

14. Betcha didn’t notice I put thirteen twice

15. Betcha just checked

16. To your mom’s house


Harriet Tyler is one of our 2021-22 leavers and a style icon.


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