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Michael Chamberlain, Musical Director 2023/24

St Andrews Madrigal Group has given me so much during my first two years at university. As well as giving me the opportunity to resurrect my tenor which I’d thought was lost to time, it has maintained a vibrant and varied repertoire. Most importantly however, the group continues to foster a spirit of camaraderie among a special group of choral lovers who, I’m sure, will remain in close contact long after the mortarboards have been tossed and the graduation gowns begin to collect dust. With this in mind, I was eager to take on the role of MD upon going into my third year, and did so with a few aims for the group: to begin expanding our repertoire to include continental madrigals alongside the English set, and to continue the keen focus on blend and cohesion brought about by our ex-director, Will Thorne. Our October concert, which was very well-attended, provided an excellent opportunity for me to learn the ropes. It necessitated that I and the choir navigate our way from Gregorian chant and Medieval fauxbourdon to pieces hot off the press by living composers. The success of our first outing has given me tremendous confidence in the capabilities of this fantastic group of singers, and I am convinced that throughout the rest of this year the choir will continue to soar to new heights (indeed perhaps even higher than my now defunct Tenor register).

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Holy Trinity Church | 7:30pm | February 23, 2024

St Andrews Madrigal Group, in collaboration with St Andrews Strings, are proud to present ‘Echoes of Easter’ – a concert which weaves together sacred music for Holy Week with secular music depicting the dawning of a new season. The concert concludes with John Corigliano’s colourful and vibrant setting of pictures of Dylan Thomas’s childhood in his evocative poem, ‘Fern Hill.'


Without the support of our listeners, St Andrews Madrigal Group would not be able to continue with its numerous concerts and tours throughout the year. Any donations to the choir are greatly appreciated, and you are able to donate using the button below:


February 24th 2023, Holy Trinity Church

We had the best time performing Vivalid's Gloria and Monteverdi's Beatus Vir, as well as a host of MadGroup classics to a full crowd at Holy Trinity Church. Watch the recording here or on our YouTube page!

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